Saturday, June 21, 2014

Lots of deadlines and things happening!! :)

Whew, it has been a pretty crushing week! We have Shannon, our good friend from the US, coming on Thursday, so we set a bunch of deadlines before she came so we can relax and have fun while she is here. We also, since this is a business :), have a number of construction and paperwork issues to get done so we can have a totally up and running resort. We are certainly learning A LOT about the layers of understanding you need to have when operating a business in another country...and I am sure we aren't done yet :) We are in the "less fun" part of the project, where there is some urgency and a lot of that feeling like you don't know what you don't know. Thanks to our contacts through Rotary and some of our friends here, we are slowly piecing together the parts you have to learn as you go. If you google "starting a business in Belize," you will see that there are 500 different lists and ways people will tell you is the actual "right way." :) We also found out that a good friend of ours, Megan, has a cool mom (Kate from Kate's fish at the West Side Market) is coming in July so how fun! We get more practice :)

The casita is coming along really nicely! Victor has been working like a maniac to paint and do the tile work, and while "casita' does mean little house in Spanish, we are taking that quite literally and making it as Mexican style as we can. It will feel as if you are in a Mexican restaurant :)
The new outdoor patio area....
 Some chairs I begged Dave to build before Shannon got here ;)
 I have always wanted to have Spanish tile on (a) step(s)!
 Still rough inside but coming along!
 Inside tile work...
We have managed to do a little hanging out as well this week. We had a fun time with Chris and Sonia and new friends, Laura and Keith, who are looking at places down here. A GREAT place to eat here is called Detach, here are a few pics from a dinner there (great for breakfast, can't beat the view, and you can walk there from our house!):

We also made another trip to the Secret Garden, and I had a few pictures that just had to be shared!

We also went last week to a place called Spanish Lookout, which is mostly Mennonite, and it is really an experience. It feels like Southern Ohio and Central American had a baby. Rolling hills, pastures, farmhouses, dairies, some US sounding restaurants....but they aren't really...
This is not the Golden Corral you are thinking of.
 "Just" like home :)
 I thought this was pretty edgy for the Mennonites.
 Sticks approved of the Western Dairies Ice Cream. (Yes I know not cool to feed your dog that, but he really, REALLY digs ice cream)

 And to finish off, here is a gorgeous picture of our "home"....we are located right in the bay on the right side, about where it cuts in the most. :)
 And finally, I love catching these two hanging out together :)
It will be a super exciting couple weeks! I joined the Placencia Rotary club, so I will be getting pinned, we have LOBSTERFEST!, moving into the casita, Shannon coming--and a couple of our friends have friends coming too, so there will be a lot of reports on the fun things to do (caye trips, sunset cruise, cave tubing). Lastly, my blog will be also featured on WOW Belize....thanks Chris! Chris has a lot of exciting business ideas for Belize and I am honored to be on the site! More info to come on that :)

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