Monday, June 30, 2014

Lobsterfest, pool parties, and sightseeing with Shannon!

We have been having a blast! Lobsterfest went on all weekend. We went all three days...Friday was a preview and we ate some Lobster nachos and skewers, Saturday we relaxed in the morning (well Shannon and I did, while Dave and Victor started the casita kitchen!) and then we met on Shannon's porch for a couple Belikins before heading over....
 Sticks did not come with us and was unhappy about it.
This was the scene entering was so full of energy!

 We took a break at one point at Cozy Corner, which WAS cozy and fun!
Even the crabs were partying!
We went again on Sunday morning....and had this awesome Lobster tail from Wendy's (not the chain.)
Shannon woke me up Sunday to watch this great sunrise too....
We then headed to The Belize Ocean Club for the pool party....

 Great times meeting another couple who lives here, Gary and Hailey....
 Trying to imitate The Island movie. Not that spot on.
 We decided it would be SO FUN to ride in the back of the Wingle on the way home. Can you see how much fun that was for me??
Today Shannon and I walked about 7 miles all over the village :) I can still get lost! She really enjoyed that as the temps kept rising, and I kept leading her where there was no breeze.


 We took it easy tonight and made some chicken and rice, and sat out on Shannon's porch....really pretty evening!
 We are having a great time :) We are going to try and go to Laughingbird Caye tomorrow weather permitting. We have a lot more fun in store for the week!!

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