Saturday, June 28, 2014

First passport stamping.....bamboo furniture....moving closer to the casita!

Shannon is here! We are having an awesome time. Lobsterfest is happening and we went last night and ate lobster nachos, lobster skewers, listened to some steel drum was a really good time. It is going on all weekend and we are headed over there later today as well:) Her visit deserves its own post next :)

We also have been starting to decorate and get the casita ready for moving! We worked our butts off to be ready when Shannon got here so we could relax and have fun with her :)

If you are living in Belize, I highly recommend Saeed from Bamboo Belize for your furniture needs. He is so nice and his furniture is awesome!

We also ran into a guy who does Mayan carvings off the Southern Highway....Garcia from Wood and Slate Carving....these really make you feel you are somewhere exotic!

To try and stay on budget:)....I took on the task of painting some signs and art for the property. I used to take art class but it has been a while :) While real artists come up with their own ideas, I am taking ideas from other art that I like (in case anyone wanted to let me know that my stuff is not exactly original :) ) The art down here is so charming and will give anyone inspiration!

And my favorite, Day of the Dead Sticks!

We also went to Dangriga and got our passports stamped for the first time. You have to do this every 30 days in order to stay in the country. It was quick and easy....not cheap, but a necessary part of living here! Here is a sample of the immigration office in Dangriga :)

Victor finished the outdoor shower attached to the casita. Dave now exclusively showers outside.....:-p!
And finally, a fun thing to do down here is to try all of the exotic fruits available. I need to get more pictures of the weird produce we are eating. Here is an example....I think this might be a dragonfruit? It tastes like melon and kiwi. Important to note....this fruit has some color in it that dyes your "outputs" a lovely shade of purple. I thought I might have contracted a tropical illness until I researched lol.