Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Back in Placencia after a "vacation" in Cleveland!!!

We have been in Cleveland the last couple weeks, to close on our house, finish moving, and to visit friends and family. It was spectacular and exhausting, but we got everything done that needed to be done. So, the morning we got back, we immediately got re-started with our to-do list here! Next time we go back to Cleveland it will be more of a "vacation"....and I love that I can look at my home city that way :)
 We also found out that our good friend, Shannon, is our next home town guest, coming in for Lobsterfest, at the end of June--she gets to stay for 11 days!! We can't wait.

We spent the last two nights having some fun with our Placencia friends....Jenny, Doyle, Annelise, Megan, Mark (who got married here and have been here 3 weeks.....may be the next converts :) ) , Sonia, and Chris--Doyle and Annelise are leaving for 3 weeks, they will be missed! We had a great time at Dulce Vita and Mojo, two places I would DEFINITELY recommend to visitors.

I was SUPER happy to see this little face again!!! I can't thank Sue and Carlos enough--they took GREAT care of him and I think he was a little torn when I went to pick him up....he sure looked like a pup who had a vacation lol.
When we got back, we were so excited to see the casita painted to match the cabanas--except for the roof, which will be painted shortly! Great job Victor!
 View from the back:
The inside is next....we ordered a bamboo Belizean bed from Bamboo Belize--and I am SO EXCITED to sleep in a big people bed again. Sleeping with two extra long people in a double bed, and a dog, adjusting to tropical temperatures, has been...tiring :) I used to fantasize about tropical furniture and tried to make my last house a beach house (until Dave finally put the brakes on the pastels), it is nice to have the real thing!!! Love this guy's stuff!! I just want bamboo everything now that it is "appropriate"; there is 100% chance I will get carried away :) Here is a picture of the bed from the bamboobelize site:
It was nice to bike and get some produce today, which I did kind of miss!! Love David's stand across from the pier and he is so kind and helpful. Yes, those ARE Mayan baskets that I got suckered into from the lovely Mayan saleswomen that walk around Placencia :)                                  
Also, I kind of missed the attitude that the chicken down here has....I mean who would buy boring Gerber's Chicken when you can have Dis Da Fi Wi Chikin?
Also, the palapas are getting nice and brown!! I love the way it looks a real tropical vacation :)
Dave and I have decided to take on excursion a week to be able to be more educated when guests come in, so that is on the agenda for this week. Also on the agenda is for Dave to get a new (well, an old beat up) pick up truck--which is a whole adventure down here :) The cars are in pretty rough shape and they take a beating on the sometimes dirt roads. He is traveling to San Ignacio to check one out tomorrow, and has to find a way home if he doesn't like the truck....good luck Honey! I am sure it will be a good story! I will hold down the fort, no worries! :) We are also going to try bowling at Jaguar lanes with Chris and Sonia :) We have a lot on the work to do list, which is the boring stuff to write about, I will continue to pretend that this is really just a loooong vacation :)

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