Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thursday-Beth's cave tour and Mariposa!

Beth is currently doing what is known as the Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) cave tour, one of the most famous excursions in Belize. Here is some background info and pictures...

She isn't back yet but Dave and I did this a couple months ago. There is a rumor that they may close this cave so it is WELL worth the time and effort to do it while you can. You just can't get up close and personal with ancient relics (and bones!!!) anything like it in the US, or most places. Some tourist dropped his camera on one of the skulls and put a hole in it, and you actually stand on skulls and artifacts at is getting beat up in there and with the priceless value in the cave, it just probably can't sustain all the visitors. There are only about 22 guides allowed in, you can't go by yourself, and not many people (relatively speaking) have done it. You are swimming, diving into pools, climbing, going into small spaces, and pretty uncomfortable for the most still worth it. You also get a little hike in the jungle beforehand. That last picture is the entrance to the have to jump into that pool and then climb up on the rocks when you get inside. The cave was used as an ancient sacrificial site. When there were droughts, a village elder would go in, drugged out of his mind, and sacrifice some of the best and brightest in their villages as an offering to the Gods for rain.

On a brighter note :-/, we are looking forward to meeting up with several friends later today at a new(er) place called Mariposa. They have a great happy hour we keep hearing about, and a pool...

Beth will be exhausted, she has been on two dives and now this tour today....and poor Dave is having to lay flat on his back right now due to his back being about to give out for the last couple weeks....look at this exciting pair!
Let's hope everyone can rally for Beth's last day tomorrow, where we go out with Doyle for the Cockscomb tour! marks one day longer than the longest I had ever left NE Ohio :) No homesickness quite yet, but getting really excited to see friends and family!!!

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